Are you leaving the city and looking for someone to take care of your pets? The Spokane Pet Sitting service is available to you and your pets! Schedule 1 to 5 visits a day, and your babysitter will come to your home to provide food and water, give medicine, walk or make fun, clean the litter boxes, and even water the plants and take out the trash! All visits can be fully customized to suit your needs.


Do you work long hours, do you have a puppy or an older dog who needs breaks during the day? Do you have a busy schedule and you just don’t have time for daily walks with your dog? Our dog walking service provides your pets with a much-needed break during the workday and gives you peace of mind!


Does your pet have separation anxiety or need frequent breaks during the night? Why don’t you want the babysitter to come over the night when you’re away? Your babysitter will arrive no later than 21:00 and will stay at least until 7:00 the next morning.

Spokane Pet sitting services

We care about your pets like our own

From time to time, everyone deserves a vacation – and your pets deserve it
high-quality care during your absence! Give your friends and family a break
from duties related to sitting animals and calling specialists in Pet Sitting Spokane WA.
We provide all the services your pet needs when you are
away, giving them safety, health and joy. Will you leave
for one day or several weeks your animal is in good hands
licensed and related babysitters.

In addition to a pet sitting, Pet Sitting Spokane WA also offers walking the dog, cleaning the cage, taxiing pets, and arranging pet supplies to help you manage your busy schedule. Order these services once or create a personalized weekly schedule with a friendly professional in our team. Let us treat your furry (or husky) friend with the love and attention they deserve – you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s safe and healthy thanks to Pet Sitting Spokane WA.

Sitting for animals Spokane WA Walking for dogs and sitting for animals take building relationships seriously. We know that your dog or cat is not only a pet, but a family member and caring for him is not only a job – it’s our passion.

Since 2014, Metro has provided the best professional care for over 1,000 animals in Spokane. We are not only the best, but also personalized. Families are different and Calm Sitting Animals WA find that there is no “one size fits all”. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds or even fish, we provide care for animals that best suits their needs, accurately and with passion.

Greeting with meowing and dog kisses is part of the norm for our team – and we love every minute of ensuring happiness to all our friends in Spokane. Corruption of a dog or cat is broken. There are many other things that set Metro apart from other pet care companies in Spokane; our team of professionals is checked in the past, trained in pet resuscitation and first aid, and is insured and related. Your beloved pet and home will be safe, protected, respected and treated with care.

Pet Sitting Spokane WA is also about going beyond and beyond. Delivering mail, parcels, watering plants, washing food and bowls with water, collecting garbage containers, and even cleaning up an occasional accident are just a few other things that add value to our professional animal care services.

Fresh air, exercise, rubbing the belly, time to play and lots of love and attention are what you can expect from us, but that’s not all. We take peace seriously because we are lovers and owners of animals. Spokane WA has invested in several really walking dogs in walking and seating technology.

Thanks to this, we will send you daily report cards containing detailed notes and photos of your furry family member that will put a smile on your face, whether you are at work or in play.

We are a dedicated professional pet sitter in Spokane, and when you choose Spokane Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, we will prove that you are yourself and your furry family. It’s not just a job for the Pet Sitting Spokane WA team – it’s our passion.

Thank you for your interest in the Pet Sitting Spokane WA product.

We give pet owners peace of mind by providing walks with the dog during the day and breaks for potty at work, as well as services related to the care of animals at home when you are away from home for more than one day. Regardless of whether you want to exercise for your energetic dogs and careful care for your cute cats, we provide protection.

We are passionate about pets, who pride themselves on the fact that every customer receives high quality, trustworthy, and reliable care for animals. Read more about us.
If you live in our north-central Spokane service area and want to learn more about our offer, see our services and rates for more information.

Contact us today and see the difference when your loved ones receive high-quality, reliable care for your animals when you’re away.

Why choose us?

  • We have over 12 years of experience
  • Two boxers are waiting for a walk
  • We have great reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s List
  • We use the application and internet portal for simple and convenient planning, communication and payment
  • We are connected and insured
  • We are Pet CPR / First Aid and CPPS certified
  • We are a local family company

Providing high-quality animal care is a source of income for us, not a side job
Our excellent staff allow us to provide reliable service when you need it
We employ real employees (not contractors) so that we can ensure that they are well trained, engaged and responsible
We are a long-term member of both NAPPS and PSI, leading industry organizations dealing with pets

You love your dog and want to give him all the attention he deserves. Unfortunately, life can sometimes disturb this and make it difficult to find time to take a dog for walks and meet many of his grooming needs. Pet Sitting Spokane WA knows all about the struggle of dog owners when it comes to devoting valuable time to their puppies, and we strive to help both dogs and their owners by providing appropriate care solutions for puppies in Spokane, Washington.

By profession, I am a professional pet sitter and can also be used as a dog walker and dog care. For years I have worked with many different dogs and I have an experience that will make your dog happier and healthier.

What would you like me to do for your dog? If your dog has a daily routine that you can’t keep up, I can be your professional dog walker and make sure he has as many walks as he needs. I can also talk to the dog and play with him, giving him attention and commitment when you are out of work or on vacation.

If your dog needs home care for several hours or even longer, I can be a babysitter for you. In the past, I have stayed with many dogs and I specialize in offering home care services to Spokane residents. I am even certified by the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters. I can also be a professional dog carer and take care of everything from washing the dog to cutting nails. I won’t do anything if it means making your dog happy.

I would like to cooperate with you and your dog in Spokane and show what is going on in Pet Sitting Spokane WA. Whether you need a long-term dog walker or a professional pet carer for the weekend, I can help as much as you want with your dog’s needs. It doesn’t take long to understand why so many dog ​​owners have trusted me with their pets in the past.

Do you think you can use the services of a professional carer, walker, or caretaker? Contact Spokane WA pet today to arrange a free call with me.

A professional pet keeper in northern Spokane. I am extremely reliable, trustworthy and I undertake to provide exceptional care and compassion to animals entrusted to my supervision.

If you own a pet and have not heard of a sitting pet, something special awaits you. Sitting for animals is an alternative to animal husbandry.

As a professional pet keeper, I offer visiting pets in “Comfort of your home”. I will follow your routine and frequency as accurately as possible. Your animals will stay in an environment they know, therefore they will eat the same food, sleep on their own beds; and smell and hear the same sounds they are used to.

For your protection, Pet Sitting Spokane WA is insured and affiliated by Carolinas business insurers.

Why rent a Pet Sitting Spokane WA?

Reduced stress associated with boarding in a strange environment for you and your animals.
Minimal exposure to other animal diseases such as breeding cough and other airborne diseases or contact with other animal waste.
Your pets will receive the individual care they need when they are at home.
Maintain regular diets and routine animals, as well as medication if necessary.
You don’t have to impose on friends, family, or neighbors.

If you forgot something on your to-do list, you can call your pet sitter.
The security of your home by changing lights and blinds; a newspaper and mail were brought.

Pet Sitting Spokane WA offers animal seating services in the following Spokane areas:
Surrounding areas in Spokane, including but not limited to the following areas.
I will correspond with you via e-mails, text messages, or phone calls to keep you up to date on your pets.

If you’re like me, your pets have become family members. When you can’t be at home for them because of work, holidays, or other responsibilities, you want them to look after you with the same love and attention you give them. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do at Pet Sitting Spokane WA. Because I love animals!

Seated Animals Spokane WA offers many services for various animals. I can also handle various home services, which by giving the impression that the house is occupied, can scare offenders. Choose the schedule and services you want and I’ll do the rest.

In the past, traveling and working pet owners did not have many options for looking after their pets while they were away. Looking for new alternatives, many have found that home animal care is the best choice for them and their animals.

What does PetSitter do?

A professional pet sitter comes to your home to look after your pets when you are on vacation, at work, or at work.

Your pet provides services to maintain “home life”.
The needs of each pet (s) and home are different, and these needs are tailored and met according to the owner’s specifications.

At home, sitting for pets is the best way to minimize disruptions to your pet’s routine activities when it is gone.

Our service has been developed as a positive alternative to having your pet (animals) in breeding or uncomfortable friends, neighbors, or family.

Services for animals include:

  • Feeding
  • walking
  • Brushing
  • Drug delivery (pills)
  • Cleaning the litter box
  • Transport to the vet or groomer (additional charge)
  • Hotel accommodation (additional charge)
  • Home services include:
  • Watering the plants
  • Importing newspapers/mail
  • Switching on / alternating lights
  • Opening/closing blinds
  • Moving / removing rubbish