Pet Sitting Spokane WA is a personalized provider of animal care services. Each client receives the highest quality of care and dedication, which is why we strive to be always available. We endeavor to accommodate requests for telephone services, but we almost always require a notice period of at least two weeks to reserve a home / overnight stay/night and at least 48 hours to accommodate dog walking and animal seating services. If a rush-hour reservation is required, a rush-hour fee will be charged.

We are a family and service company, so you know who is in your home and looks after your cats. We are insured, insured, and certified in the field of first aid for animals.
Our daily cat care visits, usually scheduled between 6 am and 9 am, include daily photo updates, GPS check-in, online notes, billing, and customer profile management. Call or write for detailed information or request a free consultation at home with Pet Sitting Spokane WA to see if we are perfectly suited to you and your fur children.
Are you looking for a local Sitter Dog, Cat Sitter or Dog Walker in Spokane? Loving pet keepers at Pet Sitting Spokane WA offer help in dog sitting, cat sitting, walking the dog, caring for exotic animals, taxis for pets, and weddings. Our grocery purchases take place every Tuesday and Friday.

When you go on vacation or work for a long time, you can leave your pet at home to enjoy safety and comfort in your own environment.
When you rent Pet Sitting Spokane WA, you not only hire a pet sitter, but you also employ a licensed company with a team of professional employees who are affiliated, insured, background checked, and a CPR for animals trained in the safety of your pets and home.

Finding a babysitter is difficult to find in Spokane, especially one who is trained. When traveling, you need someone who really knows and understands cats and kittens. We have great news for you: we now offer a cat sitting in your home!
Our babysitters love fur puppies, that’s why they visit cats once every four times a day. We also provide care for all other animals that you may have, including dogs, birds, reptiles, fish, and caged animals.
We look after your home when you are away, so no one will notice a change in your schedule. We bring newspapers and mail and turn the lights on and off.
As a result, your pets and home will be taken care of, and your home looks inhabited and full of activity.

  • 1 or 2 daily visits, depending on the needs of your cats/dogs
  • The animal remains in a “comfortable, family environment”
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Family owner and operator
  • Use a professional animal protector
  • We are a personalized service. we do not subcontract or send our services back
  • We do the work ourselves
  • We don’t have car signs
  • (Warns people against leaving the city)
  • Full service available 365 days a year
  • Licensed, insured and insured against civil liability