Board for dogs

Is your dog used to being pampered? If so, Pet Sitting Spokane WA is a perfect choice! Animals here at Pet Sitting Spokane WA are surrounded by luxury at the newest and most luxurious animal resort of Spokane. We provide distinguished animals and their families with a completely different and wonderful experience.

Cat food

Our luxury cat apartments are located in the “dog-free zone” where they can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay during your absence. We even have a large aquarium that will fascinate your furry friend. Your cat can expect to be treated like a family with a lot of love.

Kindergarten for dogs

Funny and addictive is the best way to describe childcare Pet Sitting Spokane WA Doggie. Nothing satisfies the dog’s innate nature more than being around and interacting with other dogs. Our Doggie kindergarten is always supervised, controlled, and guarantees stimulation!

Dogs training

Do you have a new puppy that you want to start right away? Or maybe an older dog who needs some refreshment? Or maybe you’ve never trained and you have enough of a dog that drags you along the street! Let us help you create a better relationship with your dog.
Dog care

Sitting animals Spokane WA has all the luxuries that you would expect from a human spa, but specially designed for our fat friends. From luxury baths to professional coat styling – we have everything. We offer standard racial hairstyles or capricious styling to your liking.

Your dog can enjoy a pleasant but orderly day in our Doggy Day Care program under the vigilant supervision of our well-trained staff. Most of the day will be spent playing with friends (including several naps and snacks so that everyone is healthy and in a good mood). We separate dogs by size, age, temperament, and style of play.

Pet Sitting Spokane WA offers a variety of dog accommodation on board, from spacious private rooms to luxurious suites with flat-screen TVs and DVD players, as well as a special room service menu and home-made delicacies baked daily in our on-site restaurant. When you leave the city, your dog should also spend a relaxing, fun holiday!
We also offer full dog care service by our experienced expert staff at our relaxing Pet Sitting Spokane WA Paw Spa. Come in and let our stylists give your dog full satisfaction from the salon … after all, who does not like alteration and pampering?
Whether you want your furry family member to burn some energy and meet other dogs, or are you looking for the best daycare for dogs and services on board in Spokane, look no further. Pet Sitting Spokane WA is the perfect place to stay! Thanks to a well-trained team of dog lovers, spacious playgrounds, and live webcams that allow you to watch your puppy directly on your smartphone, it’s no wonder we’re a trusted dog care center.
From endless hours of fun with other dogs to the personalized care that our Certified Camp Counselors provide, our Campers have never had so much fun! We understand what makes our Campers happy and we derive great joy from incorporating fun, safe play, and TLC into our daily activities. Pet Sitting in Spokane WA believes that every dog ​​deserves first-rate treatment, which is why we treat each dog as if it were our own. We even provide night Campfire Treats for our campers for the night!
You left town, but you can’t take your puppy with you? Although it would be great to take our dogs with you, this is not always possible. Pet Sitting Spokane WA offers safe, fun, and reliable overnight dog accommodation services. With us, your dog will have fun throughout the day in our spacious playgrounds. We will make sure that your dog has time for his whole life!


We are proud that we are appreciated for our extremely high-security standards, as well as for:
Certified camp advisors® who are thoroughly trained in dog behavior, resuscitation and first aid for pets
Ensuring that all our campers have successfully interviewed the camper, have been sprayed or neutralized and are up to date on vaccination. Find out about our Bordetella policy.
Live webcams that allow you to monitor your puppy from a computer or mobile device.
Enjoy your free time knowing that your animal is playing with furry friends.
Paws above the rest
Your dog is your family – we understand that at Pet Sitting Spokane WA. As dog lovers themselves, we take care of the puppy very seriously. That is why we consider ourselves more than just a dog reception service. We are here to provide love and support to your hairy family member when you are gone – filling this gap as best we can until your return.
Trust our boarding services for dogs for the next getaway!


Price information

Your puppy will have fun from dawn to dusk. Our campers like to play all day and end up in their cabins every night on comfortable beds with fleece blankets. We give them Campfire Treat ™ every night. You can be sure that they have the same – if not more – fun than you do. Thanks to Pet Sitting Spokane WA you get the best care at the best price because your puppy’s camp day includes:

  • Whole day
  • Live webcams
  • Spacious playgrounds
  • Medical administration
  • Check-in / out at any time during camp hours
  • Certified First Aid Advisors for Pets and CPR