Our daycare allows dogs to do what dogs do best: run with a backpack, play with friends (both human and dog), chase balls, splash in our waterfall pond/waterfall, lie in the sun, or simply hide safely on one of our numerous structures and watch hi-jinx.


Like our daycare, boarding is also free of cages. This means “packing on board” inside the package with the motif of our qualified alpha man. Our staff stays with your puppy all night to make sure it is safe, comfortable, relaxed, and meets all his needs. A good night’s sleep means a sharp mind and a lot of energy tomorrow.


Our groomers are qualified, patient, and, most importantly, they love dogs. Dogs that are nurtured in our camp can play until their appointment. Most dogs really like a break, and our groomer knows that tired dogs are more relaxed and easier to care for. It’s really a win/win for everyone.


Even the best dogs can develop unwanted behavior. All Spokane WA trainers for sitting animals practice positive strengthening methods, which is the most humane and effective training in the world. Most camps offer a variety of obedience options such as on-site classes, boarding and trains, and one-on-one training.


Our facility was designed for play dogs, and for the owners – peace of mind and providing the highest comfort. From filtered water for your loved ones to our master care equipment, you’ll love all the features Spokane WA has to offer.


While other daycare and boarding locations for dogs want to charge expensive delays or reduce pick-up and drop-off times in the hope of squeezing you the next day, PetSitting has taken the opposite approach. We do not make delayed or hidden fees.


As avid lovers and dog owners, we know how valuable these amazing animals are to their families. That is why we have an uncompromising set of security standards. We believe that best-solved problems are those that can never happen.

Pet Sitting Spokane WA is committed to providing your dog with the best kindergarten care they’ve ever had. That’s why we don’t bother with additional fees such as “additional TLC” or “one-on-one playtime”. Your dog will gain all the attention it deserves and all the fun its heart desires. We are aware that different dogs have different play styles, which is why they make different acquaintances. For the safety and joy of your dog, we choose a playgroup in which it is the most suitable, instead of leaving it in the hands of many other dogs.

Whether your dog prefers company and fun with other dogs, or simply needs a lot of interpersonal interaction, we have the right boarding for you. We are proud that we are able to meet the individual needs of each dog. Therefore, both our boarding and private boarding options ensure great attention and interaction of people. We do not think that “TLC” or “one-on-one playtime” are “additions” because we know that they are necessary for your dog’s happiness. Other locations charge an additional fee for playing time when boarding, but not here! Social Boarding includes fun throughout the day and 24/7 supervision.