At Pet Sitting Spokane WA, our mission is to provide animals with the same level of fun, love, and quality care they receive from you.
While our first priority is the health and safety of your pet, when they are under our care, its happiness and well-being are close. We focus not only on satisfying basic needs, such as food and water but also on physical and mental stimulation and a daily dose of fun!
Our unique approach leads to happier, more relaxed pets, and then to happier, more relaxed owners. Knowing our goal of providing full care to your pets, you can be sure that every time you bounce … they have a ball!
Welcome to Pet Sitting Spokane WA and welcome in peace.

What makes us stand out?
You have probably done some research and have already decided that being around the house at home or having regular walks with your dog is right for your pet (if not, check our website Why hire a home care provider at home? Or Why employ a dog walker?). What you really need to know is why PetSittingSpokaneWA is the best choice for your needs.

Here’s what makes us amazing:
We do not take too seriously, but we take the care, safety, and comfort of your animals very seriously. Our highest priorities are the safety and welfare of your pets and home, and we take many precautions to ensure that these qualities are preserved. We are responsible and trustworthy.
We offer services tailored to the needs of you and your animals. We know that every environment for pets and domestic animals is different and may need a unique combination of services. We are flexible.
We will not judge you or your little quirks. We understand that you may not follow all the rules contained in the book. You can treat your pet like a prince/princess or your own human child. It doesn’t bother us! We will do the same. We are open and understanding.
That being said, you can treat your pet like … a pet! We can also appreciate it. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent, controlled relationship with your pet. We will enforce and follow any training policies or techniques that you may use with them.
We value trust and time very much. We will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner; are you a current customer checking in to your pet or a potential customer who wants to make an appointment and say hello to him.
Although we think that these are some of the main features that set us apart from other options, we also have some regular, regular qualifications …

  • One of the few certified professional pet keepers (CPPS) at Spokane from Pet Sitters International
  • First aid certificate / CPR for the Red Cross
  • Licensed, insured and insured
  • Current past check provided by Pet Sitters International
  • Member of Pet Sitters International (PSI)
  • Proud member of GSDBA
  • Official member of Professional United Pet Sitters
  • In love with animals!

More information about our services can be found on the website with prices and services for dogs and pets.